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Business 2.0’s Matt Maier also known as GigaOM mini in these parts has scooped me in my own backyard (Okay former backyard, but since parents are in town, I can for a minute pretend its my backyard!)…. He is reporting that, IndiaGames, a leading wireless game developer in India, has snagged some serious dinero, or should I say rupees from Cisco and Macromedia.

One of India’s largest mobile content developers, the Mumbai-based company is majority owned by TOM Online, operator of one of China’s most successful Internet portals. TOM, took an 80 percent stake (or about $18 million) in Indiagames this past December. Cisco’s share should amount to roughly 10 percent for $2.2 million, while Macromedia’s will come out to an 8 percent stake for $1.8 milllion.



people get a life… Indiagames is certainly one of the best players in the mobile games space and has been the only successful games company out of India.

Cisco and Macromedia don’t invest in companies like they buy vegetables..a lot of due delligence is done before such things happen and not because of some salesman.

As far as Mauj is concerend a friend of mine who runs a games company in NL did distribute his games in india via them and had to terminate as he never got any reports and money..for over 8 months.

Indiagames is profitable, works with many big brands (did u see their website) and now with investors like Cisco and Macromedia ca only get much better.


Spot on – I know a bit more of the background with Indiagames and its just a talking game with VG – more of perception and salesmanship.

But hey if someone is giving you good dinero then bully to them.

But IMHO the output from the Indian content industry so far has not been grade – just cheap knockoff of simple games. The artwork quality leaves a lot to be desired and so far there has not been a iota of originality shown by any of the big players. I so want to be proven wrong but its going to take some time to mature.


I have know Indiagames management personally (Vishal Gondal CEO) and all I can say is that these companies that have invested in the company have lost a great deal of money. They could have invested this in Mauj which is a better run company.

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