Big Apple To Bet Big on Broadband


“If New York City is to maintain its role as a world center of finance, communications, and culture, we have to extend access to broadband communications to all, as well as continuously improve the reliability of our telecommunications networks and take advantage of emerging technologies,” says New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg, who announced the Telecom & Economic Developement in New York City: A Plan for Action. A joint project of NYC Economic Development Council, Dept of Information Technology & Telecommunications and Dept of Small Business Services, the plan is to roll out broadband in all five boroughs of New York, including areas like Hunts Point, Bronx, and Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The plan involves building a new fiber loop, wireless networks in downtown NYC and also building wireless nets for commercial and government purposes. Hopefully, my favorite city in the world will become the most broadband enabled one as well! More details here, while the copy of the plan can be downloaded from here:

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