411 – The Old Skool Search


Before there was the web, Yahoo or Google, the only search available to the masses was 411. Enough, to inspire colloquialism, “have you done a 411 on so and so?” Well, that boring old search is still generating more dollars than all search companies. In 2010, it is going to be a $11.4 billion business, up 42% from 2005. Makes you wonder, what people are doing with all the free information available on the web. U.S. consumers call 411 an average of 35 times per year, which translates to 6.5 billion directory assistance phone number look-ups, according to The Pierz Group. Despite new information sources like Google and Yahoo, US consumers will continue to dial 411 – 55 billion times by 2010, generating revenues of $11.4 billion, according to The Pierz Group. Americans are second only to the residents of Reykjavik, Iceland who call directory assistance an average of 36 times per year. This is good news for TellMe Networks, which has been capturing an increasing share of the directory look-up business. I guess SBC+AT&T marriage must be coming in handy for them.


Om Malik

we are in a skype bubble right now so you are entitled to two digs a day aswath. fantastic. cannot wait for the next one

Aswath Rao

Here is an idea: Skype can add this as a premium feature and combine it with SkypeOut. :-) (Good, I had my dose of Skype dig for the day.) I guess other VoIP service providers can join this business as well.

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