Tail wags the dog

Business Week cover on blogs, proof that tail is wagging the dog. I hope like BoSox, the Business Week team breaks the cover curse…. but more proof coming that tail is wagging the dog. Two weeks after I said we were all going to get Internet anxiety disorder, Chairman Gates says that PC users are drowning in information. I think, even Mac users are feeling the heat…. Xybernaut fraud, duly noted on my blog, finally makes it to Techdirt and others. Slow going gang… not good when I count on you! Carlo gives one, takes one away …. ignores the fact, i had said nothing about mobile phones. Oh well…. Steve “DA RSS” Gill-more wins … feeds restored to full length. Now I need him to convince ZD to remove its registration form! Lastly, the use of word MOJO is officially banned. EWeek is using mojo to describe Real.


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