Okay Sun Schwartz is Back On My A-List

I really used to enjoy Jonathan Schwartz and his “different” ideas. But then he got came under the influence of the jocks, lost some of his originality and well became too corporate. Today, he reminded me why I liked him in the first place – straight talking, far seeing and politically incorrect. Today he reminds us why India and China are actually blessed because they are not tied to legacy IT infrastructure and can use commoditized technologies to get to upto speed. “There are no mainframes. Microsoft Exchange doesn’t have the same presence in the IT landscape. Windows isn’t nearly no entrenched. You can’t huddle in Mountain View and expect to be able to understand the market in China, You have to be there.”

The Register writes that “India and China could well dominate something Schwartz sees as the next-wave of computing, which is a scenario that takes millions of networked devices, high bandwidth and web services for granted. While the US is busy paying cheap coders to fix PeopleSoft applications, savvy folks in India could be plowing ahead on a fresh infrastructure.


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