FCC pics of the IBM Thinkpad Tablet PC


You’ve got to love the FCC when you’re craving information for rumored devices and these pics found on the FCC site depict an IBM Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC.  No real surprises in these pics, the depicted Tablet looks just like a Thinkpad.  Looks like it has Bluetooth and a dual antenna WiFi.  Except, of course, for the swivel screen.  :)   

FCC doc 1       FCC doc 2        FCC doc 3

Ibm_tablet_slate_closeup Ibm_tablet_swivel Ibm_tablet_1 Ibm_dual_radio Ibm_tablet_labeling

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I’ve got an IBM Transnote (it has a smaller screen than the X41) but it’s just as awesome (‘cept for the lower clock speeds available at the time [600 MHz]). It has a screen that flips 180 degrees, is touch sensitive with a pen you can use to write on the screen, software that captures that and files it under your pen or keyboard direction, and better still, it’s designed in a beautiful black-leather like A4 page-size legal holder that clicks shut.

You can write on the screen or on the A4 pad that’s a part of the kit, and sensors beneath the pad pick up the pen movements beautifully and it’s stored (up to 32 pages) immediately. You can file the pages later. Mine runs Windows 2000, has an 80 GB drive, and one PCMCIA slot (in which I usually stick a WiFi card). It also sports microphone/speaker jacks {I run Skype on it), has an IBM keyboard, 2 USB ports, both Ethernet and dial-up ports, an external monitor port, and a port for CF memory cards.

I usually connect the Transnote to my Apple G4 by directly connecting their ethernet ports together (no hub or box of any kind). This way the TransNote running Win2000 acts as my (Windows) server for the G4. And even though the G4 is running Virtual PC, I run a VNC server on the Transnote and a VNC client on the Mac so that I often have two windows open on the Mac, one running a PC application running on the Mac (via Virtual PC), and the other running an intense PC app on the TransNote via VNC.

Strange and true, but for reasons I can’t fathom IBM doesn’t make them anymore. I bought mine just a year ago from a shop in London, on Tottenham Court Road, that had a stack of twenty or more on sale. Anyway, now I’m going to seriously check out the X41 as a possible upgrade to the Transnote.

Preston Mathis

This site looks even better when your viewing it on one of these things, they feel even more well built than the x40’s, hard to believe huh, but its true. No comparison to the Toshiba m200’s, it’s like paper mache’ vs. hard cold steel baby. With this PC, IBM continues their saga of being the #1 in quality of mobile computing manufaturers in the GALAXY!!


Ha ha. is the NYSE the best company in the world? Why using NYSE as an example? Don’t be too simple please.
By the way, I think this tablet is very nice.


That happened to me too. Due to the Slashdotting Type-Pad stopped feeding the pics for a while yesterday. If you clear out your cache they should come back.


JK – What happened to the pictures? Only a couple show up, and the rest display the tablet as tiny red x’s ^_^.


Do any of you do stuff that is important to you and other people? Business Machines. The ultimate consumer brand is Apple, but real money is with IBM, not a Mac. NYSE doesn’t use Apple. HAHA!

sure bur dur

Someone’s just going to flip that thing around and the screen will snap right off. ABUSE ABUSE!

Ben Macdonald

Wow, that laptop looks awesome. I’ve always wanted a thinkpad, but why has it taken them so long to develop a tablet computer. It’ll be nice for webpage design.


The reason for the eternal flat black is for hiding the inevitable scratches and dings laptops / tablets get during thier lifetime. The pretty colours look like crap after 6 months in the field. I have an old T20 that still looks like it’s new. Trust me if it weren’t for the flat black it would look like it went into a warzone and back. Pretty does not equal functional. Plus, who can beat IBM quality. Easy. No one!

Burt Sedaka

Man, is Apple the only company that puts any thought into the look of the finished product? Bad enough you’re stuck using Windoze on this thing, but does it have to look so cheap? There has to be at least one good industrial designer out of work somewhere that could convince IBM to pay him/her for making pretty computers…


All Thinkpads say “Marca Registrada” en los Estados Unidos.

Jay Developer

If the pics were pulled off the FCC site, why does it, on the IBM sticker, says Marca Registrada (Registered Trademark in Spanish).


who cares about gateway laptops? this one’s an IBM :drool: ;)


“Gateway had one of these 2 years ago

Posted by: Dave | April 26, 2005 11:29 AM”

Gateway is NOT IBM, some people just wont use any other brand

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