Cisco Buys Sipura

We know this was coming – Cisco’s Linksys division had been secretly using Sipura technology for such a long time, that it made sense for them to buy the tiny start-up. Cisco will pay about $68 million for San Jose based Sipura, which makes ATA or analog adapters. IDG News says that “Cisco plans to rebrand and keep selling Sipura’s products initially.”Good time for Sipura to exit the market, because the whole ATA business could evaporate as VoIP functionality gets more embedded into other devices.

Readers Tell Us: In 2000, Cisco bought Komodo for $175M. The Komodo ATA became the Cisco ATA-186 — the first ATA used by Vonage, for example. The Komodo talent left Cisco and formed Sipura. A few years later, they get more Cisco$$s and are back to Cisco. Now will they be third time lucky! Like Really Lucky!


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