Wacom announces the SlimPen


Wacom Japan has announced a new pen technology that reduces the minimum pen diameter from the current 5.5 mm to a super small 3.5 mm. According to this crudely translated web page Wacom says the new pen technology will allow cheaper and faster production to benefit consumers.  Two interesting points that Wacom makes here: the small pen core makes it possible to produce multifunction Tablet pens with real pencil and ink pen modules and very interestingly they state that the new smaller pens will be well suited to use with "screens 4 inches or smaller". Do they know something we don’t?




Weird. My NEC litepad comes with a thinner pen than that. The pen it comes with is like a pocket-pc pen.


HAHHAHA the first thing I read was Wacom announces the SlimePen and I was like ?!?! ….

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