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Open Mobile Alliance Distinguishes Itself From DRM Patent Pool

It looks like the mobile industry still isn’t happy with the licensing fees proposed by MPEG LA, a coalition of patent holders, which the Register described as “the most expensive royalty operation ever”. The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) has once again denied that it has anything to do with MPEG LA or the setting of royalty fees.

OMA does not have a relationship with MPEG LA and did not participate in the development of the license terms suggested by MPEG LA for OMA DRM. Additionally, OMA is not in a position to determine the applicability or completeness of the patent claims of the MPEG LA and its patent pool participants. As a condition of membership in OMA, the member companies have agreed to grant a non-exclusive license for OMA members and non-members to use any of their essential IPR on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions.

“The industry’s concerned response to MPEG LA’s DRM license fee proposal highlights the industry’s interest in ensuring availability of open mobile services,” said Jari Alvinen, OMA, Chairman of the Board.

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