New Scribbler Tablet PC- SC-2200 1.1 WXA


The king of long battery life mobile devices, Electrovaya, has released the latest in their Scibbler line of Tablet PCs.  The SC-2200 1.1 WXA is a 12.1" slate Tablet that boasts 9 hours of run-time on a single charge!  Other new additions:  Wide viewing angle screen, dual array microphone and a better hybrid keyboard solution.  Main features:


(via Tablet PC Talk)



Nothing that I’ve heard, unfortunately. Seems to be par for the Tablet course, doesn’t it? I hope the IBM machine happens and happens soon. They at least know how to market businesses.

Oliver Sturm

Any news if they’re thinking about expanding their sales channels? When I was trying to make a decision about a Tablet PC, I thought about getting a Scribbler for a while, but I found that they were more or less impossible to get at from Europe, so I decided not to take the risk and went for a Motion M1400. I can’t say I regret anything, but the advantage of the enormous battery life will certainly make me think again next time around.

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