Microsoft to show 6 inch Tablet at WinHEC

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CNET is reporting today that Microsoft’s Bill Gates will be showing a prototype Tablet with a 6 inch screen that could be available in a couple of years.  The mini Tablet was apparently commisioned by Microsoft and is as thin as "10 sheets of paper with a camera, a battery that lasts all day and a price of about $800".  The prototype mini Tablet will be shown as an example of where Microsoft is heading.  Also to be shown is a notebook with an auxilliary display on the outside of the PC so information can be checked while the notebook is closed and a next generation Tablet PC from Acer.

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Looks great, thinner than, I expected but 2007 is a long way off.

He is totally on the right track here with what he is doing (I think he’s copying Jk’s ideas actually)

In the meantime that Acer looked really cool – anyone guess its screensize? I’m guessing its 10 inches
Seemed small compared to the toshiba he showed thats how I came to that. I guess a press release will give more info on that.

Pleased to hear a definite confirmation of tablet OS for Longhorn at about the same time

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