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If you’re anything like me, you constantly seem to find yourself drafting out very similar emails to people. Whether it’s “Thank you for your payment”, “Why haven’t you dispatched my eBay item yet” or a long, drawn out reply to someone explaining why you can’t open that .exe file on your Mac. Whatever the reason behind it, writing similar emails can waste valuable time – time better spent doing something else.

That’s where Abracode MailTemplate can help.

Put simply, MailTemplate integrates with Apple’s Mail to allow you to write a new email or reply to a recieved email using a predefined template. You configure the templates you want to use in a program called “MailTemplateEditor”, then you can access them through a simple right click (or ctrl click) menu.

Showing how you can right-click reply using MailTemplate
Showing how you can right-click reply using MailTemplate

So we’ve established how easy it is to use one of the templates you have created. How about creating them? This is all done in MailTemplateEditor. The main functions of this program are to allow you to create a template – either for replying to a message or writing a new message – and keeping your templates organised. You can access the editor through the right click menu of an email – not where you would expect to look at first, but convenient once you get used to it.

Using MailTemplateEditor to create a template
Using MailTemplateEditor to create a template

There are several features of this template editor:

  • The ability to set whether a template is appropriate for writing a new message, replying to an old one, or both
  • Special objects, giving you the option of adding dynamic content based on a previous email (time sent, subject, sender’s address amongst many others)
  • The option to choose which account in Mail.app you want to send the template message from
  • Attachment management
  • Horizontal seperators, useful for keeping your templates organised but a bit of a gimmick

MailTemplateEditor is fairly well laid out, but I feel that it could have been more initutively designed. It doesn’t have the same aqua style as many other similar applications, and is a little fiddly to use. However, it certainly serves it’s purpose well, and allows you to add and manage templates with reasonably little hassle. One of the definite pros of this application is the speed at which it can be used. Using one of your templates is as simple as right clicking a recieved message, then selecting the template you want to reply with. It’s incredibly simple when you only have a few templates, but I can imagine it would start to become more complex as you add more and more messages to select from.

On the whole, I find this to be a very useful utility. It fills a gap which is certainly missing from Apple’s Mail application, and does so with a simple and easy to use process. However, I feel that the user interface does need a little work, and there is room for improvement in some areas.

MailTemplate is available to purchase from Abracode’s store for a very reasonable $10.00. The price is the main selling point of this piece of software for me. $10 is a small price to pay for such a useful utility. Some people will get more from it than others, so I would recommend downloading the demo and trying it out before you buy.



According to Abracode’s website, MailTemplate is no longer being updated for Tiger and licenses are not being sold anymore. They have pulled the plug on this project, which is a shame, since it was a nice addition to Mail.

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