Live WinHEC broadcast- 9:30 PDT


Bill Gates’ keynote address where the direction of Windows will be outlined will be broadcast live on the web from 9:30 – 11:00 PDT.  I’m not going to miss this one with the talk of a mini-Tablet, new Acer Tablet, and other goodies likely to appear.  That’s in 10 minutes so you better hurry.

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Adding to the button needs comment, this 6″ tablet is just big enough so they can’t use a passive digitizer (otherwise, would register too many “palm rest” smudges), so fingernail mouse-clicking capabilities of the U also need to be replaced. (When reading the above button comment, I thought, wow, this person knows the U and makes great points–then looked down and of course, saw the signature “jk”.)

And I’m still getting surprised in little ways about the beauty of the U’s design. Am one of those running the original software (without the Tablet OS), and have no complaints how Sony outfitted the U–I’d swear that RitePen is adapting to me!


This device looks great in the pictures but it needs some buttons to be useful. While a wider border will make the device bigger if you look at the Sony U you can really appreciate the design that went into the design of the controls. You need to make a device like this usable without a pen when you are on the road. Sometimes you need to whip the device out and do something quickly which is very easy to do on the Sony because of the joypad and mouse buttons.


Just watched this using the on-demand service (Fast forward to the 50+ mark for tablet pcs) and was very excited to see the protype mini tablet. It looks to me like something you often see on Star Trek and would way about 1 lb according to Bill, this would include a camera, phone and have an all day battery. Personally I think this looks great and if I had to choose now between a mini tablet or a pocket PC I’d choose the tablet. Bill also said this would use a touch screen, hopefully this will be combined with a good size hardrive so I can use this not only to read documents and to check my diary but also to listen to musci and watch movies.


thanks for plugging this – I caught most of it as a result
I guess the pocket PC is now truely finished as a form factor. I was going to get the latest Ipaq at the start of the year but I thought better of it.
My only concern is he said he wanted to integrated a phone into the mini tablet – that sounds great in principal but it could extend the development time by years to get it all working right and weighing right etc

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