Macromedia and Adobe


Here’s a little fragment from an interview (on the IT Manager’s Journal). I’ve include the main comment that will answer many questions here in full:

Q: There’s concern that if Macromedia gets subsumed into a bigger company it might lose its innovative edge. What’s your reaction to that statement?

Bruce Chizen: [The innovative edge is] why we bought Macromedia. We’re not buying a distressed company. We’re buying one with incredible assets, including customers, developers, and employees. The fact that Stephen [Elop, Macromedia CEO] agreed to join us (he will be president of worldwide field operations for the combined company) and help with the customer-facing part of the organization — along with a number of other key executives — shows that. Betsy Nelson, Macromedia’s CFO, is heading up the integration.

Keep in mind that Adobe is a company that has literally decided not to do that many acquisitions in the past because we understood integration is a risk. The reason we moved ahead and felt comfortable [this time] is our ability to do the integration. Granted, it’s never easy. But it’s something very doable. We have similar visions, similar business models, and similar strategies.

But it’s especially worth reading the full interview at BusinessWeek which interviews Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen (featured above) and Macromedia CEO Stephen Elop.

That should help at least describe some of the comments and decisions made recently by Adobe, and at least help to allay someof the fears some of you might have about what is going to happen with the Macromedia products.

If you want a more humorous look at the agreement, check out this piece at Daring Fireball which converts PR-speak into English.

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