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Wikipedia_ppcAre you the type that needs reference information no matter where you are?  Do you absolutely love the Widipedia and wish you could tap that resource even when you are mobile and not connected to the Internet?  In that case you need to be aware that you can obtain the entire Wikipedia in a mobile format that you can put on a storage card.  It’s big (about 400 MB without images and over 1 GB with) but it’s the whole enchilada.  You can buy the currently available image (December 2004) or roll your own.  You can find complete instructions on how to do that and then keep your image up to date on this web site.  Platforms supported- Windows, Pocket PC, Palm, EPOC,  Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones.  Now you should be happy.   


Mat Ripley

Hey Folks

We have just released a brand new Wikipedia TomeRaider file that is pretty special – It contains the introductory paragraph for all 1.3 million Wikipedia entries with a direct link to the full text online. Also good news… comes in at under 250 megs. This is ideal for most users as the introductory paragraphs contains the core info about what the subject.

You can read about it and download it from the Yadabyte blog

Michel Merlin

As mentioned in (1) above, Erik Zachte did a big work and provides a highly useful product. However he didn’t spend as much time in presenting it, so it took some time before I figured it all, and now I must complete my previous post with:

3) and finally I ordered TomeRaider 3 ( ) in the version for my particular PDA (Pocket PC), in the Registered flavor ($22.50). I chose, for $10 more, to add TomeRaider 3 for Windows (normal price $20), but I haven’t used it so far.

As a result, after some time and work wasted figuring out what to buy exactly and how to install it, and despite the some quirks this young interface still has, I finally have a highly useful encyclopedia at hand wherever I am, very complete and rather fast – and I am extremely happy with my purchase, that I warmly recommend to anyone provided he can afford the expensive 2GB SD card.

Paris, Wed 5 Oct 2005 16:07:20 +0200

Michel Merlin

Finally bought Wikipedia/PPC (2GB) from Erik Zachte at
Finally admitting there are no better ready-to-use than those yet,

1) I ordered following Google “Wikipedia on Pocket PC” ( )> Complete Wikipedia Encyclopedia on your handheld or notebook ( ) > Download demo and/or order DVD > English, Pocket PC Windows, Text + Images Fits on 2 Gb memory card (File size 1.92 Gb), 15 Euros, from Erik Zachte,

2) and I ordered a 2GB 150x SD card for 130.50 Euros from DigitAlStore ( ) (click “GO SHOPPING” top of the page).

I dreamed I paid 100% more for the file, and 50% less for the card… ;) but seriously, my thanks to those 2 suppliers for their low prices.

I’ll report when I get it and use it.

Paris, Sun 31 Jul 2005 12:45:45 +0200

Michel Merlin

Any ready-to-use Wikipedia?

I can’t find any offer with Wikipedia ready to be written on a CF or SD card (a single 2GB card needed I think) and used right away; all existing offers require a lot of reading and guessing: is it a prticular file format, that I need to convert each time I update the encyclopedia? Is it a complicated process, exposing me to a lot of possible errors, time loss, lack of information as to how to do, and so?

Currently I have on my PPC (iPaq h2215) a number of encyclopedias, calculators, converters, dictionaries (~$300 software), but I am fed up with unfinished products, I want A FINISHED PRODUCT, not a bright idea with casual implementation.

Anyone knows about one? TIA,

Paris, Fri 29 Jul 2005 09:48:35 +0200

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