Battle for MCI: Verizon Expects To Raise Bid


This one is not just going to go away. Damn… even I am beginning to lose interest. Associated Press reports that Verizon might be contemplating a new bid for MCI, though it might not have to pay as much as $9.75 billion Qwest has offered. Verizon has a five day window to offer a new deal, and if it decides to walk away, it still will get $240 million. Many believe that unless MCI board nodded its approval for Qwest it would found itself on very slippery slope. “We expect MCI to build upon its declaration of superiority with specific acts of support, including expeditiously seeking regulatory approvals of a transaction that it considers superior and in the best interests of its shareowners,” Qwest said in a statement.


Anand Jain

Why dont Verizon and Qwest both goto eBay and battle it out? Hey, MCI could even put a “Buy it Now” link ;)

btw, just wondering what does MCI have that has these two birds do a feather dance to outdo each other?

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