Tempe Builds Wireless Network


WazTempe, a wireless network that uses all sorts of wireless technologies is all set to go live soon. The network which will be built and maintained by MobilePro will also provide municipal services to Tempe police, fire, emergency and city/Arizona State University personnel. The network will use the 2.4GHz (11b, 11g) and 5.xGHz (11a) bands, and, when available, the 4.9GHz band and Wi-Max. VoWiFi and other services are planned. This is a five year deal between Mobile Pro and the Tempe City Council. More than 113 vendors applied for this contract, including AOL. I am surprised that the Mobile Pro, which is a bulletin board company got selected for this deal, given its financial state. The company had sales of $311,000 in financial year ending March 31, 2004, and lost $2.2 million for the same period.



AOL’s response was not reviewed by the City because they did not sign a signature page. Purchasing technicality!


You didn’t comment on the current state of MobilePro though. If you notice they are a growing company and are at a $100M revenue run rate right now (prior to this contract).

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