Slow Blogging This Weekend

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Folks looks like blogging is going to be way slow this weekend. Maliks. aka parents are visiting for the first time in years and as a result I am going to be concentrating hard on mom’s cooking, getting pampered and of course hanging with Mr. M, talking about cricket, bollywood movies, old friends and perhaps if possible take in the sights. The rain is not making it easy… but still not a bad way to spend the day cooped up. See ya Monday!

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Andy Abramson

Time with parents is always special enjoy the time, and the food. Wish we were there.

The “fiance” and I are in Santa Barbara again, this time for Wine Futures Saturday with many friends in the world of Wine.

That said, I’ll do my best on VoIPWatch and WiMaxWatch to pick up the news holes left by your gluttonous and family efforts. You deserve it.

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