I received upsetting news last night


I first encountered Mike on mobile tech community forums and we started off on shaky ground.  Our online relationship was contentious to say the least as we can both be rather, ah, opinionated when it comes to what we’d like to see in mobile technology.  Over the last few years I have gotten to know him pretty well, and I think it is safe to say we have a lot of mutual respect for one another.  I have come to enjoy email exchanges with Mike, and as I have gotten to know him better from afar I am still surprised about things he reveals about his life, although he does so very sparingly.  For example, I was amazed to find out he authored several best-selling computer books in the 1980’s, books still sold on Amazon today.  I am not naming him because I am pretty sure he wouldn’t want me to.  You are probably wondering why I am even posting this, I know I would.

I received this email last night, abrupt as his emails often are, and it has shaken me much more than I thought it would:

my sister is typing this… i had a heart attackon tuesday. bypass surgery is tomorrow. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS.. .IF I SURVIVE I WILL E-MAIL YOU.. the hospital does not have e-mail

This hit me doubly hard, not only because it is upsetting to hear something like this from a friend but also because (as long-time readers know) I experienced the exact same situation almost four years ago.  I once asked Mike if he had read my From the Heart chronicle I wrote about my experience and in typical fashion he responded "why the ?*#@ would I go to a tech blog and read personal crap?"   It still makes me smile.  Mike, I wish you well, get better soon, and get back to the mobile tech community soon.  I guarantee you will have a different perspective on things.



That’s great news.

I didn’t write because I try not to pry into other’s lives, but was concerned for you.

I’m glad to hear that your friend is OK.


I heard from Mike last night. He’s doing OK and was just released from the hospital. It will probably be a while before he’s fully back in action but it’s great to hear he is OK.

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