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3rd Party Tiger Updates

It’s time to query the community of TAB readers. If you’re anything like me you’re thinking ahead 1 week, to Tiger. With that comes the nagging feeling that there will be some issues with broken 3rd party shareware apps scattered among my Applications folder.

I’ve begun scouring the internet (ok, an occasional Google search) for news of OS X shareware updates in preparation for Tiger. Unfortunately the results thus far have been somewhat low.

So I’m starting a list here. I’ll encourage you to add yours in the comments section so we all have a spot to reference come Upgrade Day (so we know what we can upgrade, and what to turn off to avoid headaches until there’s an update). Thanks for your help everyone. Let’s make this thread a great resource for all our fellow OS X Tiger users!

(Obviously pretty much all the largely used apps out there will get an update sooner or later, but here are the ones that are either out now, or have mentioned updates for shortly after Tiger ships.)

Plugins For Safari 2.0 RSS:
– AcidSearch [out]
– PithHelmet [planned]
– Bwana [out]

SubEthaEdit (2.1.2) [out]
Quicksilver [in the works]
All Unsanity Products [in the works]
From Rogue Amoeba:
– Audio Hijack [out]
– Detour [out]
– Nicecast [out]
– MemoryCell [out]

Desktop Manager – current will break on Tiger! [in the works]

18 Responses to “3rd Party Tiger Updates”

  1. Ronald Leroux


    4D 2004: OK
    Booxter: OK
    DVDTheque: OK
    FileMaker Pro 6 et 7 Developper: OK
    FileMaker Pro 6: OK
    iAddress: OK
    OD4Contact: OK, but work w/o the plug-in otherwise Mail crashes.

    French Dictionaries/Grammar checkers

    Antidote: OK
    Encyclpaedia Universalis 10: seems OK the author of the list lost his original CD
    Le Grand Robert, via Classic: OK
    Le Petit Robert X: OK
    ProLexis 4.6: OK on Word, inDesign, XPress, DreamWeaver. not with Mail 2
    Ultralingua: OK


    Apple Remote Desktop: NO (does not start)
    CocoaJT: OK
    MacTracker: OK
    OSX Planet: OK
    PostFix Enabler: NO
    RealPlayer: OK
    Route 66 europe 2004: OK
    Timbuktu 8.1.1: OK
    TriCatalog: OK
    HP Printer Config Utility (ink level, etc) : NO
    utility HP Inkjet Toolbox: OK with DeskJet 5740
    WindowsMedia Player: OK


    Cuk Calcul Mental: OK
    Cuk Multiplic’: OK
    Cukydata: OK
    Kotoba: OK


    Virtual PC 7.0.1: OK but no Virtuel switching, no, internet connection via Airport ( to be verifier )


    MacPay X: OK
    MoneyPen 1.2.2 OK (source lecteur Laurent)
    Quicken 2005: OK

    Word of Warcraft: OK


    Adobe AfterEffects Pofessional 6.5 – OK
    Adobe Illustrator CS 11.0.0: NON (crashes at launch)
    Adobe Illustrator CS 11.0.0: OK
    Adobe ImageReady CS: OK
    Adobe PhotoShop CS: OK
    alchemy dvr (soft pour carte d’acquisition): OK
    C1 Pro: OK
    Carrara and plugins tier VectorStyle: OK

    Canon 350 D, OK via Transfert d’images ou iView, mais pas via le logiciel ImageBrowser de Canon qui ne trouve pas la carte CompactFlash.
    Canon EOS 1D Mark II: OK (via les logiciels Apple et ImageBrowser de Canon)
    D-Vision: OK
    DVD Studio Pro 3: OK
    DXO: NON , the protection makes it crash
    Final Cut Pro HD 4.5: OK
    GraphicConverter: OK

    ImageBrowser for Canon: NON en ce qui concerne la capture d’images sur Canon 350D , heureusement possible via Transfert d’images. Le reste fonctionne.
    ImageBrowser pour Canon: OK with Canon EOS 1D Mark II

    iView Media Pro: OK
    Keyword Assistant for iPhoto: NO, stops launch of iPhoto
    Mac The ripper: OK
    Maya 6.0.1: OK
    MPlayer OS X: OK,

    OmniGraffle Professional: OK
    Painter (Corel): OK
    PhotoTool: OK
    QuickImage: OK
    ScanWise Agfa: OK
    SmallImage 2: OK
    Tablettes Intuos 3: OK
    VueScan 8.2.03 : OK
    Mise en page

    Acrobat 6.2: OK Acrobat 6.2: OK (source lecteur esoteric)
    Adobe 7.0.1 Professional:OK
    Adobe 7.0.1 Reader: OK
    Adobe inDesign: OK
    iPhoto Buddy : OK
    QuarkXPress 6.5: OK


    Amadeus II: OK
    Audio Hijack Pro: OK
    Band-in-a-Box X: OK
    Cubase SX 3: OK
    FInal Vynil 112: OK
    ImageWell: OK )
    iPod Access 3.2: OK
    iTunesCatalog 1.7b1: OK
    iTunes Publisher 4.1.1: OK
    iTunes XHTML Playlist: OK
    Logic Express: OK
    MegaSeg 3: OK
    MusicPublishe 1.0b8: OK
    OvoLab AACho 1.2: OKMacFLAC 2.1.2: OK
    PodWriter 2.2b1: OK (source lecteur oro)
    Sound Studio: OK (source lecteur esoteric)
    Synergy (for iTunes): OK
    VLC 0.8.1 works but several options are unselectable.
    VLC: OK (marche mieux même, pas de latence lors du premier film joué) Source lecteur Sam
    VLC: “il faut accéder aux menus en passant d’abord par le menu “Aide”. Ça marche, j’ai vérifié. Une question de signal d’activation du menu qui se faisait sous 10.3 à partir de n’importe quelle entrée, maintenant, c’est le menu en question qui envoie le signal. Ça sera corrigé dans la prochaine version.” dixit lecteur dksp.


    Keynote 2.0.1: OK
    PowerPoint 2004: OK


    4D 2004: OK
    FileMakerPro 6 Developper: OK
    FileMakerPro 7 Developper: OK
    Fink: les packages de base passent (via cvs) mais problème avec perl (qui passe de 5.8.1 à 5.8.6)
    Revolution 2.5.1: OK


    Excel 2004: OK

    Word Processing

    AbiWord: OK
    AppleWorks 6.2.7: OK
    BBEdit 8.0.2: OK
    Carracho 1.0b3: OK
    LaTeX testé avec TeXShop et TeX installed with Installer Gerben Wierda (also compatible: OK
    Mellel 1.9: OK
    NeoOfficeJ 1.1 Release Candidate: OK
    Nisus Express 2.1: OK
    Pages 1.0.1: OK, some problems with tabs, styles management
    SimpleTeX4ht: OK
    TextMate: OK
    Word 2004: OK
    Word v.X 10.1.6: seems OK


    A Better Finder Rename: OK
    APEManager: OK (after having installed FruitMenu)BuddyPop: OK
    CandyBar: NO
    CDCoverTool 1.1.6: OK ClearDock: OK
    DAVE 5.1 : NO, see statement on MacFixIt
    DefaultFolder X 2.01: OK
    Déjà Vu: OK
    DesktopManager: NO
    DevonNote 1.7: OK
    DevonThink 1.9.3: OK
    Diablotin (extension manager) : OK
    DragThing 5.5.1: OK
    Espion: OK
    FastDVD Copy 3.6: OK
    FileBuddy 8.1: OK
    Font Agent Pro 3: OK
    FruitMenu: OK
    Geburtstagchecker: OK
    iAddresseX 3.3 OK
    Intego VirusBarrier X – 10.1.4:OK
    iPodVolumeBooster: OK
    iScroll2 0.21: OK
    Konfabulator: OK
    LaunchBar 4: OK
    LittleSwitch X: OK
    Lotitech Control Center: après réinstallation la souris (MX 100) n’apparaît pas dans le panneau, mais les anciennes préférences sont conservées, mais ne sont plus modifiables.

    Logitech Control Center 1.4.1 OK avec MX700
    LogMaster: OK
    LookInPod: OK
    MenuCalendarClock 2.0.1 OK
    Menumeters 1.2 OK
    Metallifizer: OK (after installing FruitMenu) OmniOutliner: OK
    Pacifist 1.6.3: OK
    PDF Brother Plugin 2.2.2 OK
    PDF recover 1.2: OK
    PopChar ProX: OK
    PopCorn: NON (cannot unmount DVD)
    PrintFinder: NON (cannot use the correct folder)
    QuickKeys 3.0.2: OK
    Salling Clicker 2.2.1: OK
    Screen Spanning Doctor: NON
    Scriboard 1.5: OK
    Showdesktop 1.6.3: OK
    SnapzPro X 2.01: OK, but cannot record sound from the computer, not the microphone
    SpeedDownload: OK
    StickyBrain: OK (en 3.4.1 du 27 avril)
    Stuffit Deluxe 9.0.1: OK
    Stuffit Expander: OK
    SuitCase X1:OK
    TamTam (pour TomTom Go): OK
    The MissingSync for Palm OS: OK
    Toast 6.09: NON (cannot umount DVD)
    USB Overdrive X OK avec Mx700
    Voodoopad: OK
    Web Confidential: OK
    WinSwitch: NON
    Witch: OK
    XTime Project: OK (source, publisher)
    You Control Desktop: OK, no visual effects
    You Control Font: OK
    You Control Menu: OK

    Disc Utilities

    Note: For all disk utilities, please check with the publisher before using them with Tiger.

    Carbon Copy Cloner: some problems
    Dantz Retrospect 6.0 client/serveur: OK
    DiskWarrior 3.0.2: OK
    DriveGenius 1.01: OK
    Intego Personal Backup X3 – 10.3.9 : OK
    Onxy 1.5b2 NON
    Techtool Pro 4.04: OK (since 27 avril)


    AOL AIM 4.7: OK
    Adium beta 0.8: OK
    Azureus: OK
    BitTorrent 4.0.1: OK (source lecteur renchap)
    CutX: NON (source: éditeur, mais ils travaillent dur pour corriger le problème)
    DevonAgent: OK
    DNSUpdate: OK après avoir réparé les droits du dossier StartupItem (source lecteur xila)
    DreamWeaver MX 2004: OK
    DreamWeaver MX 6.1: OK (source lecteur oro)
    Explorer 5.2: OK
    FireFox: OK
    Flash MX: OK (source lecteur esoteric)
    Flash MX 2004: plante au démarrage (source lecteur iwan)
    GoLive CS: OK
    Growl: OK (source lecteur renchap)
    iGetter 2.2: NON (plante Safari) Source lecteur pisadoo
    Intego Personal Antispam X3 – 10.3.4:OK
    Intego NetBarrier X3 – 10.3.6 : OK
    KDX: OK (source lecteur oro)
    KidsBrowser: NON (source: éditeur, mais ils travaillent dur pour corriger le problème)
    LimeWire Pro 4.8.1 OK (source lecteur Laurent)
    Little Snitch : Compatible, avec la nouvelle version (source lecteur renchap et arnselupin_ac)
    MacReporter: OK source lecteur Sam
    Mail Appetizer: NON
    Mailpriority NON (comme la plupart des plug-ins Mail qui doivent être recompilés) Source lecteur “ban”
    MailPriority: OK (source lecteur esoteric)
    Menu Meters : OK (source lecteur oro)
    MSN messenger 4: OK, v3, crashes when quitting
    OmniWeb 5: OK
    PithHelmet 2.2: NON (source lecteur oro)
    SafariStand: OK (source lecteur fredB)
    Saft (pour Safari) version 8 du 27 avril: OK
    Shira: OK (source lecteur renchap)
    Skype: OK
    Sogudi: OK (source lecteur fredB)
    Spamfire 1.6.2 Pro OK (source lecteur Laurent)
    SpamSieve: OK (totalement en ordre, depuis la 2.3 du 25 avril)
    Thunderbird: OK (source lecteur esoteric)
    Transmit 3.1: OK
    URL Manager Pro: OK
    wKiosk Browser: NON (source: éditeur, mais ils travaillent dur pour corriger le problème)
    X-Chat (irc client)


    The Sims (original) v2.01 (Carbon) : OK
    Star Trek DS9 The Fallen: NO, crashes Classic
    ST Voyager : Elite Force Carbon v1.20: OK
    ST : Elite Force II: OK
    SimCity 4.02: OK
    SimCity 4 Rush Hour: OK
    StarCraft: OK with latest patch
    Diablo II Carbon v1.10 and OS X installer: OK
    Warcraft III v1.18 : OK

  2. jean-paul
    Yeah, sorry, I admit to being an ignorant American. :) Sorry for the mistake.
    But those Canadians aren’t THAT bad… ;) So mistaking me for a canuck is fine by me. And most of us speak Spanish (it seems )- so that’s ok. :D

  3. jean-paul buquet

    Gee, guys, this is embarrassing! Confuse Belgium with Switzerland, German with French (and Flemish, not German, is spoken in Belgium anyway), come on! Maybe I’ll start confusing you with Canada, and think you all speak Spanish. (Just kidding!)

  4. Nick, Pithhelmet will install under 10.4, but when Safari is launched, a dialog says “Pithhelmet has not been tested with this version of Safari (412). As a precaution, this plugin has not been loaded.”

  5. I have word from Chonos that StickyBrain and F10 Studio will be coming out with updates for Tiger soon. I assume Organizer will follow suit.

    A Developer I know says Office 2004 seems to work OK with Tiger, in spite of claims from MS that it is not and that a patch will be released.

  6. bb – the 10.3.9 release contains Safari 1.3 which Pith Helmet was not working with. The update to Pith Helmet works for Safari 1.3

    The word is (around mac forums) that 1.3 is basically 2.0 without the RSS fuinctionality available.