USB Microphone Converter

SingStar USB Microphone Converter

SingStar consists of a couple of microphones which connect into your Playstation 2. You then sing along to some popular songs, and it scores you based on how good you sound. The technology behind it is very clever, as is the quality of the software and hardware considering the shelf price of around $50.00.

But it was what came with the microphones interested me most. It’s a converter which changes two microphone inputs into a USB connector. Out of interest, I plugged it into the Mac. Hey presto! It gives you two audio inputs – perfect for plugging a standard microphone or even guitar into GarageBand. It achieves the same as the Griffin iMic (without the audio output).

You can pick these up for next to nothing on eBay – Often, you can buy the converter and two mic’s for as little as $16.00. For those of you in need of a cheap USB microphone input on your Mac, this is perfect. Ideal for those of you who may own a Mac Mini, which doesn’t ship with a microphone port.


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