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I love my iPod. I mean I really love my iPod. It’s my little music machine and you better believe I’m not giving it up anytime soon. Unfortunately though, my little iPod is a bit fragile. Within an hour of purchasing mine, it had little tiny scratches all over the screen and metal backing. I’m not sure why Apple chooses to use materials that are so easily damaged. My PowerMac’s steel casing is easily scratched as is the same steel casing of the PowerBooks.

To solve the scratch-ability issue, I quickly purchases a thick and bulky silicon casing that certainly was able to protect the iPod. One chunky drawback to this was that not only did it almost double the size of the iPod, it just looked silly. My sleek, stylish iPod became a dirty silicon mass.

Enter Pod Shield.

TrendyGeekUpon my decision that the chunk of silicon wasn’t going to cut it, I began my search for something less noticeable but equally effective. Then I found TrendyGeek. TrendyGeek are the manufactures of the wildly popular line of Pod Shields.

What exactly is this Pod Shield you speak of? Well I’ll tell you. The Pod Shield is a set of thin plastic shields that use static to adhere to the front and back of your iPod. The front piece is the shape and size of the screen while the back one is a die-cut that is made to neatly wrap the metal backing covering almost the entire back.

TrendyGeek Pod Shield

Upon receiving my Pod Shield I easily applied both plastic pieces. I did notice that the front piece covering the screen had a few tiny air bubbles and as TrendyGeek stated, they disappeared in a couple of days. The back shield was a bit trickier to apply. There are 4 “tabs” that extend from the main piece. Two on the left and right to wrap sides of the iPod and 2 on the bottom to work around the input on the bottom of the iPod. After actually getting it positioned just right I found that the corners were a bit moody and would sometimes puff out a bit but nothing to bad.

TrendyGeek Pod Shield Back

If you find your plastic pieces start to loose a bit of their stickiness you can just run them through a some soapy warm water and they’ll be good as new.

TrendyGeek makes makes iPod protectors for all iPods but states they are “optimized to fit 3rd generation iPods.” I have a 4th gen and it seems to work just fine.

A Pod Shield set will run you $12.99 which includes 3 sets (3 fronts/3 backs). The shield for the iPod mini is $12.99 as well but just includes 12 screen protectors.

Overall the TrendyGeek Pod Shield gets an A-. Some areas I think they could improve are the way in which the back plastic peice wraps the iPod as well as the overall durability of the plastic.


Gordon Anderson

your powermac and powerbook are aluminum. there is no exposed steel anywhere except the backs of big iPods.

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