Spotlight’s Future

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Kottke points to a article that points to some comments on Slashdot – yeah I know, it’s kinda like the telephone game huh? – by someone who represents them self as an Apple employee, and who makes some very interesting comments about where Apple wants to take Spotlight.

I’ll let you go read the details yourself, but the gist of it goes like this:
Drag some file over another file. OS X will recognize and record a relationship between them. You could even annotate the relationship if you desired to. (An obvious relationship/example used was dragging a scan of a birth certificate over your baby’s birthday in iCal.)
Another very cool idea was to use a GPS unit in laptops, that would record the longitude, latitude, and altitude for a document when it’s created. Then when you’re trying to search a document, you may recall you were in Denver – visiting me perhaps – and you can search on the creation location, or even the altitude, since we’re a mile high here. Very cool!

Sounds like it’s almost time to get excited for OS X 10.5 – wait, there’s still 8 days till 10.4 is out!

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