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Ask Not What Music Can Do For Mobiles

A very good point: “Phone-based music has tremendous potential but it doesn’t necessarily lie in having Cingular become iTunes. It lies in discovering the unique ways in which mobile connectivity adds real value to people’s love of music. The trick is not is seeing how music adds value to phones, but in showing how phones add value to musical experiences.” Mobile handsets are not a good medium for content — they are not as good at video as TVs, not as good at games as consoles and not as good at applications as computers. What they are is mobile, and if that feature isn’t a core feature of any particular content it’s going to be very hard pressed to succeed.

Not sure about this line though: “According to new In-Stat data, owners of MP3 players spend about $25 a year on music purchases. That’s ARPU the carriers can’t ignore.” It breaks down to just over $2 per month. I think the carriers could ignore that if they tried hard enough…

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