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Xingtone mStore Lets Everyone Sell Ringtones

XingtoneXingtone has launched mStore, “a turnkey e-commerce solution for independent content owners to market, sell and deliver real-music ringtones from their website directly to fans at the click of a button.” This is a great development — it allows a lot more content to be made available and reduces the difficulty of selling ringtones. “Using the web-based Xingtone mStore builder, an artist or record label simply uploads ringtone clips as .wav files, selects a storefront design to integrate with their current website, and manages their mStore through a secure client login. The Xingtone mStore solution includes hosting, storefront, shopping cart, payment processing, immediate ringtone format conversion and delivery over the air (OTA) to a fan’s mobile phone.” Xingtone takes half the revenues.
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