The GizmoGate and Network Bloggers

I am watching this whole scandal about NBC Today show tech editor Corey Greenberg who gets paid to say nice things about consumer gizmos on NBC affiliate shows. Apparently he got about $15,000 to talk up products from the likes of Apple, Sony, HP and Creative. NBC officials deny that they had knowledge of this financial relationship. (More here) Now this report on NBC executive Jeff Zucker saying that network anchors like Brian Williams should blog. Take the two bits of news in context, and you can see that network anchors blogging with be a colossal disaster. Why? So that they can force their bad stories of murder and mayhem on the blogsphere. network news is the anthesis of blog world. Blogsphere is about niches, and stories that are meaningful to the end users, and in this model there is no room for stars. If Greenberg is a proxy, well then we might get compromised stuff out in the blogs as well.


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