Skype and destroy SIP?

If India and China who have skirmished for decades and still bury the hatchet, I am not surprised that the leading proponent of open telecom standards and stupid network, Martin Geddes can fall prey to the charms of Skype. “The number of open SIP nodes addressable via ENUM (or otherwise) is miniscule compared to the proprietary Skype virtual network,” he writes. To paraphrase him, SIP gang is really whistling in the wind. Martin says Skype is like Coke, while SIP is like coffee. Finding a Coke machine is easier than brewing coffee. “SIP is history as far as the future of voice is concerned. Get over it,” he says.

Good points he makes but skips over the other “non technology” realities. Martin says if you have your VoIP app, who you gonna call. I think it is the reverse which is more true. Skype still fails the mom test. Moms are the ones who are using the phones that actually generate revenues. The economic model is still suspect, especially for near foreseeable future when calls need to be terminated on a PSTN network. If there was even an iota of truth to Telmex blocking, then we know that there are going to be even more problems. The networks would have no problem in shutting down Skype. FCC won’t step in to save Skype. Unlike Vonage.


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