Verizon’s Not So Naked DSL


I think all of us including me over reacted about Verizon’s naked DSL news. Thanks to Jesse, I re-read the news and figured out that this naked DSL offering is for Verizon’s existing broadband customers. Just to clarify, I went ahead and called the Verizon PR spokesperson who corrected the story. “In 13 states if you are an existing customer of ours – you can port your voice number to non Verizon local voice provider, and do not have to drop the DSL,” she said. “That’s really what its all about. Its limited and first step. we should be rolling out soon enough. If customers don’t want a phone number but want to keep DSL, why wouldn’t we do that.” The company is upgrading its infrastructure and in the near future will offer a full blown naked DSL offering which will eventually be able all through Verizon footprint!



Except when you call them to make it happen, the reps have no idea this new policy is even in effect. A call to the VA spokewoman in Baltimore yielded no response.

Om Malik

Okay the way it is not naked is you can’t order a DSL connection only from verizon from now. if you are an existing customer, you can drop your voice plan, and then keep dsl. eventually it will all be naked


How is this not naked? Verizon DSL users get DSL without a Verizon phone line. How does Verizon prevent users from canceling a non-Verizon POTS?

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