Palm One Irrelevant in Mobile Market

Back in the day I question the validity of Treo as a mobile platform. The sales showed that Palm OS based Treo never really got the traction of rival smart phone platforms like Symbian. Russell Beattie, has come to the same conclusion and says that instead of celebrating the million Treo mark, the company should have kept quiet.

“Treo 600 was launched in September 2003, so it’s taken them roughly 20 months to sell a million units, which works out to about 50,000 Treos sold a month. That’s pretty pathetic. Keep in mind there were roughly 675 million mobile phones sold last year worldwide, including 14.38 million Symbian phones (and 6.67m in 2003). Palm’s numbers aren’t just anemic compared to this, they’re statistically nonexistant. It’s official: Palm (One/Source) is completely irrelevant in the mobile market.”

What he doesn’t say is that Silicon Valley has often touted Treo as a symbol of its wireless savvy. Treo is a fantastic connected PDA, not a smart phone. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. That’s not saying much! Remind me never to get on the wrong side of Russell.