Sony Series T …. That’s Hot


Sony Series TSony’s 3.1 pound ultra-portable, T250, is becoming a favorite of the CEO set. Till recently, most chief executives who popped into Business 2.0’s 29th floor offices in San Francisco’s financial district, would show up toting an IBM Thinkpad T-Series (T-40 or higher). In past month or so, I have seen nearly two dozen executives show-up for meetings with their Sony’s tiny marvel, each waxing eloquent about the crisp wide-screen 10.6 inch display, ample hard drive, Sony style and of course, the feather weight. Thankfully none of them have shown-up with the Maroon version of the laptop so far, but you never know. Too bad it uses Windows XP, otherwise I would have bought one as well. Given that it costs upwards of $2000, I am not surprised that only the big dogs can afford this machine! Still many eye my 12 inch Powerbook enviously but in the Windows world, it seems T250 is the new bling bling! Even Walt Mossberg gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up, and loved its massive battery life.


Victor Blake

I’ve been using Sony’s for years. Great, lightweight, etc. Only issue is that service turn-around is horribly slow. So they are essentially disposable if damaged. And lightweight isn’t new. They’ve been selling 3.2 lb. notebooks since 2001.

Om Malik

true but i find this is pretty nifty looking machine, especially if you don’t want to break your back

touchpads suck, though i have to say the powerbook ones are not that bad.

Jesse Kopelman

IBM still rules because of the eraser thingy. I have yet to meet a touch pad I didn’t hate.

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