Microsoft To Protect Mobile TV

Crown Castle Mobile Media (a subsidiary of Crown Castle International Corp) has announced it’s gone with Microsoft for its broadcast TV, and will be using “Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Video 9 and Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) 10 for its Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) broadcast service deployment”. Crown Castle is a big player in the push to bet DVB-H broadcasting technology commercialized, partnering with Nokia to trial it in the US and partnering with Telstra to trial it in Australia, among whatever other activities they’re doing with the technology around the world.
Although Microsofts product are (obviously) proprietary the deal is unlikely to cause much of a fuss since the technology is designed to broadcast video rather than offer downloads. It’s still going to annoy some people…especially as DVB-H is the “open” standard as opposed to Qualcomm’s MediaFLO.
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