I need a MP3 to WMA converter


I have a ton of MP3 audio files and want to convert them to WMA so I can put more of them on my Sony U and Creative Muvo. I’m looking for a good free (of course) batch converter. Any suggestions?


Fred Beiderbecke

I use dbPowerAmp too. Works well, hogs the CPU, but the ability to choose your bitrate is very nice.


Brad, that’s an interesting choice and one I wouldn’t have thought of. Thanks for passing it along.


DBPowerAmp too,

It’s small, pretty fast, without any adware or malware inside and free :)

Way to go !


Maybe it’s the Digital Plus! package that I’m thinking of and not a Power Toy. I have both, so I forget sometimes which tool came from which package…


The Windows Digital Media Experience Plus! Pack from MS is pretty good… it’s about £12 Sterling (something like $20US) It’ll allow you to convert MP3’s to WMA and even re-encode your WMA’s to different bitrates…. so you can make 64Kbps copies of your lossless rips :-)

Worth every penny!!

Josh Bancroft

I could swear that Windows Media Player can do this pretty easily, but I’ve never actually gone through with it. I’ll have a poke around, but the answer might be right under your nose… :-)



I use MP3toWMA found at http://www.reseau.org/mp3towma/
You can set your bit and sampling rates and point it at a folder and let it go. Kind of a CPU hog so don’t have anything else running. I usually set it to run before going to bed. Next morning I have a bunch of WMA’s for my U750P…..


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