Disney Wants Edgier Brands On Mobiles

Staci D. Kramer over at our sister publication PaidContent.org has interviewed Larry Shapiro, EVP business development and operations and GM, North American Mobile, Walt Disney Internet Group. Disney Mobile has been one of the more successful efforts by content companies to create a portal for their content, and the discussion covers general mobile content efforts as well as Disney’s move to license third-party content for its portal.

Shapiro explained that Disney wants strong brands — and “certainly edgier brands that are more relevant to a young demographic. That’s a pretty strong focus of ours and you’ll see a lot of that coming from us throughout the next year.”

Shapiro said that Disney is very experienced in brand building, and is looking to do that with the content it licences… he also said Disney benefited by not being subject to “a VC wanting us to report some sort of immediate return or liquidity”.

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