Adobe Buys Macromedia


In a move that will horrify some and bring joy to others, Adobe have agreed to buy Macromedia for a straight stock swap of $3.4 Billion.

As part of the purchase, Adobe have said they are going to work to integrate some of the technologies that companies are best known for, such as PDF and Flash, both of which are very popular on and off the web.

As two of the key companies for design professionals and long-time supporters of the Mac platform this is obviously a significant move that will affect many of us in the print/design/web space.

You can read the full press release.


mediaguru @

Oh man. I love Adobe AND Macromedia. But I find it hard to believe having both under the same umbrella is a good thing. Competition between these two is what make the products better and cheaper.

Will Adobe can dreamweaver? An app that in my opinion is WAY better than GoLive?

I don’t think this will have a happy ending.

Is this just an April 1 post that somehow got lost in cyberspace and showed up today?

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