TiVo can’t help itself


tivo logoOne of the most amazing things about TiVo is that how it managed to shoot itself in the foot time and time again. I guess the whole Comcast issue is forgotten but that showed that there are some serious issues with the company. Then there is the whole episode of inserting ads. The latest is how company has antagonized the Mac users for supposedly putting TiVo2Go for Mac low on the priority list. There is some damage control in the works, apparently. (I was shocked since Michael Ramsey professed his love for Mac only a couple of months ago!) Still all these issues in the past make me wonder who is running their PR strategy. I can tell you from personal experience, phone calls to their PR department go unanswered. The company keeps changing agencies more frequently than design changes at gigaom. I wonder at what point all this good will vanishes?



TiVo should just pay Apple to do their marketing. That print ad campaign was abysmal.

Om Malik

somebody please stop this madness. annotate, tags, delicious and whatever. my mind is ready to explode now….

Steve Castellano

I’m waiting for some Tivo hack that will allow subscribers to annotate tv programs, much like del.icio.us does with web pages. Digressing, with annotation in general, perhaps this will give rise to a whole new summer job — high school kids running around town annotating their observations in $20 wifi handhelds…

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