SimplyHired is LinkedIn


simply hiredThey might have been late to the party, but it seems SimplyHired, the job search site is wasting no time adding interesting features and services to its offerings. The latest being a hook-up with LinkedIn. The companies are likely to announce an official partnership later this week, but what I can tell you that as part of the deal, a tiny icon under every listing will allow you to see who you know at the company. Smart, and frankly something HotJobs or Monster should have thought a long time ago. From what I gather, SimplyHired has about 3 million job listings. simply hired ratings systemThey have also rolled out a brand new set of features – ratings and apply now features. On their blog, the team members write, “RSS and better searches are just 2 of the things we are working on. We are just getting started, and even the new features will be refined and reworked over the next few weeks.” Maybe they also will switch color schemes and look different than SixApart? Perhaps!


Jeff Tokarz

SimplyHired is a terrific Web property; well conceived and easy to use. Here, too, is worthy of a visit. It features mSEARCH! – an innovatie, new job search tool that simultaneously searches (via the Web or email) the Web’s top job boards and instantly delivers job search results and contextual ‘career’ content via email. Easily configured – mSEARCH! can be co-branded (Example:, Thanks.

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