New Vaio from Sony- integrated GSM

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Sony_vaio_gsmengadget reports on a new Sony Vaio PCG-4E1L that has been detailed in the FCC filing that has integrated tri-band GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth for communications.  This makes the notebook a truly connected device with high speed connections always available.  Not much else is known for certain about the new Vaio other than GSM and WiFi are not possible at the same time, which is probably not that big a deal.  It’s important to remember that this is Sony and the PCG-4E1L will probably change a lot before release to the public.

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Thanks for the info, James. I have been using a Flybook which also has Wi-Fi, BT and GSM/GPRS for a few months now. It works extremely well, particularly because it is also touchscreen and I have the Tablet OS installed on it. My only regret with the Flybook is the Transmeta Crusoe 1 GHz processor which is very slow compared to the Centrino. I wonder what processor this Sony will bring, and if it will be touchscreen (the latter is a dealkiller for me).

Look forward to receiving more info.


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