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Motorola Set to Unveil iRadio for Cell Phones

More than any other handset manufacturer, Motorola is banking on music to sell its mobile handsets. “Motorola, the No. 2 maker of mobile telephones, is set to unveil a service called iRadio that will let users download preselected audio content from a range of providers on their home computers, dump it on their cell phones and listen to it on their car stereos.” Interested customers will need a $200 midrange Motorola phone with at least 256 Mb of storage, built in iRadio software and Bluetooth, as well as a $75 wireless audio adapter for the car radio.
“What we set out to solve was finding a way to get the breadth of content into the stereo where people listen,” said David Ulmer, director of marketing for Motorola’s media solutions business. “We looked around and noticed that everyone had a cell phone in their pocket…” Really? That’s surprisingly convenient…realizing everyone has a mobile phone must come as something of a shock to the second biggest mobile handset manufacturer…
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