Full review of the Fujitsu ST5000 Tablet PC


St5000Fujitsu has always produced very nice slate Tablet PCs and the ST5000 series is no exception.  The thoughtful design and included features makes this Tablet a winner for anyone looking for a great slate.  Tablet PC ReviewSpot has published a thorough review of the ST5000 and give a good overview of how this Tablet PC performs on the go.  How good is the Fujitsu offering?  Take a look at this:

  • Without any mention of the Fujitsu Tablet PC hardware itself, just the amazing support that this company offers after your purchase is something to consider.
  • In a nutshell, the quality of the Fujitsu ST5000 product is superior in just about every aspect, and you will get a solid machine period.
  • If ultimate mobility and connectivity is what you seek in your Tablet PC, this model literally defines "mobility".

Give the review a read and get a feel for the Fujitsu design of the ST5000.

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