The Ruby mini-Tablet PC?


Ruby_akihabara_newsI have received a dozen emails from readers pointing me to the prototype Ruby mini-Tablet PC that appeared today on Akihabara News.  My long-time desire for a small Tablet PC is no secret as I have written about it often over the past year.   The appearance of the photo of this device coming so close on the heels of the Microsoft Watch article claiming a mini-Tablet/ ebook reader has been spotted on the Microsoft campus is causing many people on the Inkernet to make the jump that this might be the rumored device.  I don’t know about that but it is an interesting looking device and I have a few observations to share based solely on this photo and the few details Akihabara has posted.

I don’t think a Pentium M ULV 600 is powerful enough to yield a satisfying user experience running the Tablet OS.  It might be slightly anemic in performance and one area in which users are unforgiving is in the performance area.  I also don’t like the added bulk and length the keyboard brings, thumb board keyboards don’t provide me personally with enough utility to justify the added mass.  It is hard to tell from the one photo what video resolution it is running but for extended note taking, an area in which you would think a mini-Tablet PC would shine, this screen is physically too narrow.  The narrow screen is the one area on the Sony U750 that I regret as it can be difficult to take notes in ink for very long.

The Ruby is an interesting device no doubt and only time will tell if we really do see a Mini-Tablet PC from the OEMs.  I’m ready.



Chinese mini-PCs run Linux, target specialty apps

Dec. 19, 2005
A systems integrator in GuangDong province, China, is shipping an extensive line of Pentium-based miniPCs that run Linux. The SD-Omega MiniPC line comprises 44 variations, include passively cooled and quiet models targeting car PCs and HTPCs (home-theater PCs), car pcs, and DVR models.

The SD-Omega MiniPC systems are housed in lightweight aluminum cases that measure 5.7-inches wide (up to 6.2-inches wide, in models equipped with cooling fins), 9.8-inches to 10-inches deep, and between 1.65 and 2.75 inches tall. More details from,

And additional details are available at the SD-Omega website,

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