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P. Diddy Sees Bling in Ring

P. Diddy When P. Diddy declared “I am an MVNO” a lot of people tittered, and a lot of people thought “Actually, he’s got a very good point”. Let’s face it, he’s a smart guy who became very successful because he knows how to market to a particular group of people — exactly what an MVNO should do. As part of a mobile music feature Business Week interviewed P. Diddy…he avoids coming out and saying he’s planning on starting an MVNO, but shows so much knowledge about the industry and what he would do that he’s clearly thought about it a great deal…

“[My wireless service] would be targeted to the youth market and would specialize in a cool lifestyle. It would be something that would be my own MVNO [mobile virtual network operator], and the actual design of the handset would be something that is unique…In time to come you’ll see myself and my company involved in an entity that gives a community access to certain content and has certain marketing power to market to this community…We have a community. And where this wireless space is going is a full-fledged lifestyle network. I’m a creator of music content, and I have a catalogue of music that is an expression of this community and these times.”

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