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Of iPod Killers and Mobile Dreams

bwmobmusic1.gifBusinessWeek’s latest international edition has a cover story (and a bunch of related stories) on efforts by the triumverate of handset manufacturers, mobile operators and artists/labels to come up with mobile music business models, in an effort to have some sort of success on the lines Apple’s iPod and iTunes have…
On one side are Apple and the other tech players concentrated in Silicon Valley that see the computer as central to the future of music. On the other are telecom companies, from Finland to South Korea to the U.S., that think the mobile phone can become the center of this emerging world.
In U.S., Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and Cingular Wireless are expected to unveil services for downloading music directly to wireless phones later this year, and will these new servies have any effect on Apple? What effect will Apple have on the market, with its own efforts with Motorola?
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