MipTV Gives Mobile TV A Big Push

MipTV 2005Thanks to the MIPTV/MILIA audiovisual and digital content trade show everyone is talking about TV on mobile phones. The general concensus seems to be that the companies involved (mobile operators and video content providers) will ensure TV on mobiles becomes a huge business or go broke trying.

AFP ran a standard story under the headline After porn, music and gaming, time for TV on cellphone, but had some interesting examples of the sort of interactivity consumers can expect: “Certain programmes, such as comedy and lifestyle — trends in fashion, cooking and gardening — are also well suited to mobile, Christian Brombrun at France’s Canal+ told a conference…These could let cellphone viewers select their preferred scenario in a chase sequence in a crime series, or even let them see into parts of a “Big Brother” house that can’t be viewed on any other device.”

Advertisers are reportedly less concerned about digital TV. “But whilst digital developments are ushering in a whole host of new viewing possibilities for consumers, they also pose a major problem to most broadcasters whose major income source comes from the often-hated 30-second TV commercial. More and more viewers will be able to “zap” the commercial break thanks to increasing popularity of the new-generation PVRs and the spread of broadband and cable TV operators’ video-on-demand (VOD) services. Broadcasters, however, were more upbeat this year about recovering this lost income. The ever-inventiveness and creativity of the ad industry and the growing number of devices and interactive add-ons where ads can be placed looks like compensating for “lost” commercial breaks.”

As for the Made for Mobile competition, news of a couple of winners has hit the wires. “Hamburg companies Beck Office and Mineus’ project enabling people viewing the German finals of the Eurovision song contest to send videos of themselves via their handsets to broadcaster ARD’s website, won the Made For Mobile content award at Mip here on Thursday.”

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