Freeware of the Moment- RegScrubXP


RegsrubxpThe Windows XP registry is the heart of a smooth running computer but unfortunately Windows doesn’t do a good job of keeping it cleaned up on its own.  If you do a lot of program installs and removals your Windows registry can become a minefield of dead entries that will slow down your performance at best and make your PC unstable at worst.  It is important to keep your registry as clean as possible and a good utility is a must.  Today’s Freeware of the Moment is a registry scrubber called RegScrubXP that provides a complete environment for cleaning dead entries out of your registry in a safe way.  You don’t just delete entries blind in this program, you can look at the entries it has flagged for removal and override it if needed.

  • Safely cleans junk out of the Windows XP/2000 System Registry, making it smaller and faster to access.
  • All changes made to the Registry are fully restorable to it’s original condition.
  • You can make an exclusion list of Registry entries that RegScrubXP will not display as problems.
  • You can sift through a list of File Extensions, Company Names, "Run Upon Startup" programs, Internet Explorer History, and Uninstall programs to delete what you think is junk.
  • Tweak the Registry with the easy to use Tweaker!  Additional help file with dozens of XP tweaks!
  • RegScrubXP is absolutely free, no strings attached!  Pass it around!  Give it to your friends!  Let me know what you think of it!
  • Written in Microsoft Visual C++.
  • Note: RegScrubXP v3.25 DOES NOT require installation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework v1.1.

Download RegScrubXP



In addition to regscrub, everyone should get a copy of ProcessExplorer and AutoRuns from These two apps alone will/can cure many ailments burried deep whithin the registry. It saved me many times. Another FREE app is SafeXp from Between these three apps you can run a better than average ‘clean’ system.

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