The Grouper Controversy

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LA Times story on Grouper is getting Hollywood all in a tizzy. (Never mind thestory is trying to stir up a controversy where there should be none, much like that old piece in the San Francisco Chronicle.) Nicolas Firth, chairman of BMG Music Publishing Worldwide sees no difference in p2p networks where people can download music files, and Grouper, where people can share and stream music among a set of friends and family. This hoo-who who I can promise you has not used the software in his life, is leaping head first from the 101st floor drawing conclusions. What he doesn’t understand that its the same idea – letting up to 30 people listen to music via streaming is no different from songs playing on his sound system heard by people attending music in his gaudy Bel Air mansion. Grouper streaming is not a public performance… why can’t people seem to get it? I think record industry deserves what it gets – they are dinosaurs who are greedy and too coked up to understand new technologies. My story on Grouper!

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Great article! So true!!!

Grouper is a great program, check it out!

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