iPod DJ Console


While I’m sure iPodLounge will be all over this in the weeks ahead, here’s a quick glimpse of the iPod DJ Mixer. Looks super cool. I’m no DJ, but I could have fun with that I’m sure.

Hat-tip Gizmodo


dj phantom

i never used it the pricy tag is to much..i might rent it to try at a party ,i agree i was at a banquet and the sound was impeckible…

George Erazo

Wow, I just came in from a “house party” and the music was provided via 2 iPods and a speaker system.. Here’s an example when someone does something right..it catches on. Tapes (walkmans), Cd players, became CDRW’s or MP3’s now we have the “iPod 5000 – 10,000 songs! If you are a DJ this is something you need..Ask yourself, Who carries CDs anymore? this just makes life simple! Its awsome.. Plus I have seen it in person ..Ill get mine next week.

Josh Pigford

“It’s nothing but a product to cash in on the popularity of the iPod.”

Is that such a bad thing? I wouldn’t say it’s worthless…I’d say it’s a wise business decision.


Unfortunately, It’s nothing but a product to cash in on the popularity of the iPod.

iPod = No pitch Control, meaning the mixer is simply using the iPod as a HDD and not as an actual iPod, in turn making the use of an iPod with the mixer/product, completely worthless. Nice idea to have a HDD based mixing console though.

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