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Clear Channel Expanding To Mobiles

Clear ChannelClear Channel is concerned about the future of radio, and is thus looking to expand into other media — particularly online and mobile. “Anyone who thinks radio is only tall towers in big fields is thinking much too narrowly,” CCR president and CEO John Hogan tells Billboard Radio Monitor. “Any radio company that defines itself by a single delivery method is doomed.” Hogan said the radio business is “content and carriage”, and since consumers are following content to new delivery vehicles radio must follow.

Clear Channel is currently in talks with operators and hopes to be on mobiles by the end of the year. “Clear Channel is exploring both subscription-based and advertising-driven business models for HD radio side channels — and a combination of the two.” The radio station is also likely to offer variations on existing content, such as “Bob & Tom Raw” — a bluer version of the Premiere-syndicated morning show.

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