US Broadband Subscribers 57 million in 2008

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us broadband data The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) says that the total US broadband subscribers will nudge the 57 million mark in 2008, up from 32.5 million in 2004. TIA says that it is a particularly incredible growth given that there were only 5 million broadband subscribers in 2001. In 2004, the number of high-speed subscribers in the United States grew by 35.4% to reach 32.5 million subscribers, consisting of the following access technologies: cable modem (17.0 million), DSL (12.6 million), fixed wireless (2.2 million), fiber-to-the-home (0.2 million), satellite (0.4 million), mobile wireless (3G) (0.1 million), and broadband over power line (less than 50,000).

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I will be interested when the major US broadband providers offer 10 Mbs for less than $25/mo. like in Korea/Japan NOW.

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