Minneapolis, like Philly Builds a WiFI Cloud

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Looks like Philadelphia is setting a trend. Now Minneapolis is going to build a citiwide WiFi cloud, and will see high speed access to residents for between $18-and-$24 a month, depending on the speeds. Initial offerings will be one megabits per second and 3 megabits per second. Interestingly, no tax dollars will be used, an approach different from Philadelphia where city is going to own and operate its own WiFi network. I guess this means less debate and fewer battles with the incumbents. Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the city is going to announce an RFP for a “privately owned, $15 million to $20 million citywide wireless and fiber-optic network.” The network could go live within a year. The network will also connect government offices and other public services. Minneapolis officials believe that broadband services like this help the city’s economic prospects.

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This will give the CEO of Qwest, Notebart, a new battle to wage once the MCI sweepstakes are over.

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