Are you WiMAX ready?


WiMAX, the hype as expected did get ahead of reality. There are quite a few of issues that remained to be resolved. And with folks getting weary of waiting for what is WiMAX, are now turning to using new terminology: WiMAX ready. I think most companies like Alvarion and SR Telecom don’t want to use simple fixed wireless as a descriptor of their vechnology because of the negative connotations reminiscent of WinStar and Teligent.

Elsewhere, Alvarion said that O2, a cell phone company, and Siemens have had a successful trial with its products. The trial was run in in Gleann Cholm Cille in Donegal, Ireland.


Om Malik

they will probably end up using wimax to backhaul, but right now it seems wifi is a cheaper solution, and more devices have wifi chips. i think that’s the key here – wifi is a lower cost already available technology.

Tom Harrison


Why wouldn’t cities like Philly, and Minnieaplos go the WiMax route. Maybe they already are? Doesn’t it make sense for cities to be able to offer WiFi service to attract tourists, conventions, and other activities.

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